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    About us


    Founded in May 2003 in Shanghai with a registered capital of 160 million RMB,China Nature Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a professional asset management corporation, which provides financial management services for clients approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).  The company was jointly initiated by Jilin Province Trust Co., Ltd., China Jilin Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Jilin State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., which hold 48.75%, 38.75% and 12.50% separately of the total shares.

    Until now,China Nature has successfully managed nine funds which are China Nature Fortune Growth Fund, China Nature Quality Select Fund, China Nature Core & Satellite Stock Securities Investment Fund, China Nature Daily Income Money Market Fund, China Nature Innovation Pioneer Stock Fund, China Nature Stable Dual Income Bond Fund, China Nature Trend Selection Dynamic Asset Allocation Mixed Fund, China Nature Growth Selection Stock Fund and China Nature Stable Income Bond Fund developing from only one fund when we established.

    Over the last ten years, the company has built an asset-managing team with people full of knowledge, experience, confidence and team spirit, and has got our independent view of investment.

    The company always holds the management beliefs of “Treat others with honesty”,“Go with the nature”,“Discover regulation by intelligence”,“ Share growth of wealth growth depended on regulation”,and sticks to the management principle of maximizing interests of fund holders.

    The company holds beliefs that we would try our best to help our clients get profits from the Chinese growing economy, and provide great services to our customers.

    ChinaNature Asset Management Co.,Ltd wish all level-headed and rational investors a better life!




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